Frequently asked Questions

  • I like what MNP Complete Care can offer, what is my next step?

    To find out more please contact our Group Manager.

  • What will happen on my first day?

    Your admission date is usually planned and arranged with you, your family and if appropriate your care manager. This can be a very difficult time for you and your family members. There may be some paperwork to complete.

    You will obviously be introduced to lots of new faces including staff members and other residents.

    Before this first day you will have arranged whether you will be bringing your own furniture, you will get support to arrange your private space however you wish.

  • How will I get to know the people in the home?

    You will have the opportunity to visit the home of your choice before any move takes place. You may have visited for a morning, had lunch with us, or stayed a few days prior to your move.

  • When can my family and friends visit me?

    You can of course have visitors at anytime. Any visitors are asked to sign the visitor’s book when they arrive and when they leave. All visitors are offered refreshments.

  • Do I have to eat at mealtimes?

    You can eat whatever and whenever you like. We do have a duty of care and we need to ensure you eat a balanced diet but we are not able to insist you eat anything.

  • Who can I invite into my room?

    You may invite whomever you wish into your own room so long as you have mental capacity to understand all associated risks. You will be offered a key for your own room. Staff are trained to ask for your permission before they enter your private space, this may be necessary for cleaning and laundry deliveries. Staff should always knock and await response before entering your room.

  • Will I get the opportunity to choose the colour and decorations in my own room?

    Yes the manager will normally ask this before you move in and at anytime when your room needs redecorating. This will include any replacement carpets.

  • Can I have my own furniture in my bedroom?

    Yes. All furniture must however conform to fire regulations. All electronic equipment must be tested on arrival to the home, and checked at regular annual intervals. This service is provided.

  • Can I bring my own computer?

    Yes. The home has no WiFi provision for Internet access. You would need to install and pay for your own telephone line and Internet access if you wished to have this in your bedroom.

  • Can I use my own bedding and what are the laundry arrangements?

    You can of course use your own bed linen if you wish however we do supply sheets, towels and pillowcases if you wish to use ours. Laundry service is provided for all personal items. You are advised to label all of your own clothing for ease of recognition.

  • Do I have to get up or go to bed at a certain time?

    No. We do not have fixed going to bed or waking times.  However, there may be times when you might have to wait, for example while someone else gets dressed, as we do not have 1-1 staff at all times.  This is usually agreed on the day with yourself and your staff.

  • Will my own opinions and wishes be respected regarding my Careplan.

    Yes, at all times. You will always be consulted about any aspect of your daily care and support. This will also apply to anyone who advocates on your behalf. You will also be encouraged to take part an informal review of your care plan at anytime that this needs changing, or at a formal review on an annual basis.

  • Will I have a named carer?

    Yes you will. We offer a Keyworker system to all residents in our care. This enables a special relationship to grow between yourself and your Keyworker. They will become a trusted friend who can support you with medical appointments, shopping and activities. They will help you to arrange your own private space according to your wishes. They will share information with other staff when needed.

  • What kind of activities can I expect to do?

    As a general guide, regular trips include, bowling, swimming, shopping and day trips to places of interest (see our activity page). In addition to this some residents attend college or clubs. Others go out with friends much as you would if you were at home.

    Sometimes there is a need to access funding for separate 1-1 support if a regular activity is planned and 1-1 support required for long periods.

  • How many staff do you have on duty?

    Staffing levels vary amongst the homes and at different times of the day, there will always be sufficient staff to meet the needs of the residents within the home. Normal minimum staffing levels are 1 member of staff to 3 residents. During the night staff will always be available for toileting needs, a cup of tea or a chat if necessary.

  • Do you use agency staff?

    This could never be a completely NO answer because we don’t know what is in the future, but for the past this answer would be NO. Future plans would still be NO. Our residents are reliant on their trusted staff who understand their care packages, communication difficulties, and special needs.

  • Will someone be able to help me manage my money and financial affairs?

    Members of staff may not become appointees to any resident. Staff will always assist residents with money on a daily basis. This would need to be written into your care plan. There is a safe within the home for storage of small amounts of cash for daily use. You will also have facilities within your bedroom to lock away any valuables. Standard insurance cover is provided but if a resident brings with them items of value we may ask that these are insured privately.

  • Will the staff help me keep good contact with my family members?

    Yes. The staff will make your visitors welcome and your Keyworker will particularly support you to travel home for visits meet your relatives in town or invite them to attend appointments if you so wish.

  • Will I be able to go on holiday?

    Yes but you will have to fund this yourself. You will have your spending allowance and your mobility allowance, which should enable you to save for a holiday. Our staff are willing to support on a voluntary basis most requests. We have provided support for long or short haul holidays on an individual or group basis.

  • Will I get support with Doctors and Hospital appointments?

    We are able to support with all medical appointments. Your chosen member of staff could go with you and transport will be provided free of charge. These appointments often give the manager time to support you directly. When a hospital admission is required we never leave anyone until we are confident that the hospital can manage the care needs of the resident. In some cases this will include 1-1 staff support for a period of days.

  • I don not live in Kent, can I still become one of your residents?

    Yes we have clients who are from outside Kent, but you will need to contact your Care Manager for confirmation.

  • Is the home inspected by the local authority?

    Yes the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is our regulating body a copy of our latest inspection report is available within the Home. This report can also be accessed by following the CQC found on each of our Homes pages.

    MNP Care Group is also an active member of the Kent Care Homes Association (KCHA), which is an independent organisation founded by like-minded providers to promote a level of care based on quality the service user can trust.