At MNP Complete Care Group life is for living. We believe we should enable our residents to lead a fulfilled life with quality and dignity. We continually strive to provide a relaxed, homely environment in which our residents can live with good health, comfort, care and personal achievement.

How do we accomplish this ?

All our Homes make a concerted effort to provide a happy and welcoming atmosphere for our residents, their families and their friends.

At MNP we believe our residents should be given the opportunity to live their life to their fullest ability. Every day is a new beginning but with yesterday's wisdom and understanding. Like all of us our residents wake up, wash and dress, to start their day and get ready for bed at the end of their day. These are normal daily activities but it's what we do in between these hours that MNP is different.

We aim to provide various activities that make people happy. We encourage the self-development of our residents; be it a practical handicraft course at South Kent College, a shopping expedition in the local community, baking a cake for afternoon tea or a visit to the nearby sea-front.

For our more adventurous residents we have taken them to London shows, Gillingham Ice-rink and Headcorn Aerodrome for parachute training!

Anything's possible, if it can be done we want to help our residents' achieve it.

At MNP Complete Care Group we help our residents to develop their ability to communicate, enhance their personal skills, and give them the a quality of life with choice.