Personalised Care Package

MNP Complete Care Group provides unique Homes offering independent lifestyle choices within community residential settings. This enables our clients to grow in experience and improve their quality of life, which in some cases leads to them being able to move into independent living either in one of our lodges, or out into the community.

If this sounds right for you why not visit to take an informal look and to meet some of our residents and staff. If you are tempted and would like to know more we can begin our assessment, which will include the offer of an overnight stay. We will visit you at home, school or in hospital to enable us to personalise your care plan, which will include all of your individual choices - your wellbeing and happiness is our main concern.
If you wish to take up the offer of a room you will of course be able to choose colour schemes and bring your own furniture if you wish. Your personalised space can be adapted to suit your needs, for example telephone, internet, Sky TV etc.
We are registered to place adults between the ages of 17 and 65 and wherever possible we aim to meet the changing needs of our residents throughout their entire life with us , in other wordscontracts are not terminated by us due to developing ill-health or reaching the age of 65.

Once assessment, fees and suitability have been agreed and approved, a room will be allocated. If a room is not available for immediate occupation you will be placed on our waiting list. During this time we offer regular ‘keep in touch’ visits when furnishings and colour schemes can be planned. This contact usually prevents potential residents becoming concerned about the impending move.

As soon as a room is ready a moving-in date is agreed. The moving in process is often fun for the individual, although it may be stressful for the family. Each individual’s bedroom space is unique and whilst we provide pine bedroom furniture, most people prefer to bring their own furnishings and belongings with them to create a familiar setting.

Within our care package we offer :
  • Single room accommodation with good quality furnishings
  • A fully skilled workforce on duty at all times, 24 hours a day
  • Full personal care, including continence care
  • Three main meals and refreshments per day
  • Access to transport, with support, to all healthcare appointments
  • Regular haircuts and chiropody care
  • Support with communication
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
Our management and senior staff are trained in the administration of general medication as well as how to give medication in an emergency. We also supervise residents who are fed via a PEG tube or have a catheter fitted. Although we do not provide nursing care, GP’s and Community Nurses are always on hand for assessments, recommendations and to give advice. Personal care is provided at the highest standard and we do not apply time restrictions. Many of our residents are wheelchair users who require full support from each care team using a hoist, side access bath, and shower bed or shower chair

All information regarding individual care packages is kept in a manner that conforms to Kent County Council (KCC) and Care Quality Commission (CQC) Confidentiality Policy and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.